Bonaire Durango wall or window mounted evaporative air cooler.Bonaire Durango Window-Mount Evaporative Air Cooler:

Cools up to

75 square meters*

of your home
for as little as 30 cents** a day
for just $749!


Keep Your Family Cool This Summer

Ducted evaporative systems are the ideal cooling solution for your whole home, and can cost around $5000 installed for a premium model. If that doesn't suit your budget, and you want to keep your cool, Bonaire's Durango is for you!

Bnaire Durango wall or window mounted evaporative cooler pictures.• Cools an area of up to 75 square metres*
• Costs less than 30 cents per day to run**
• 250mm deep low profile cabinet does not obstruct exterior area
• Powerful three speed fan motor
• Direct drive fan for higher efficiency
• Easy to install into most windows
• Transition duct supports the unit without any need for additional structural support
• UV stabilised polymer cabinet will never rust
• Uses standard electrical and connections- just plugs into a powerpoint
• Uses standard plumbing connections, or just connect your garden hose!
• The cool & ventilation mode allows the choice of water flow cooling or just fan operation
• Bonaire's Durango is kind to the environment, and kind to your pocket
Optional Winter Cover available, to prevent heat loss, just $52

Bonaire Durango brings all the advantages of evaporative cooling to a low cost window mounted system. It is extremely efficient, very quiet, environmentally friendly and best of all, very cheap to run.

For your peace of mind, Durango comes with a Full 2-Year Parts and Labour Warranty.


Background Briefing:

Bonaire Durango Window-mount Cooler Specification Sheet
Bonaire Durango Evaporative Cooling Brochure- see P.11
Bonaire Durango Evaporative Cooling Owners Manual
Bonaire Durango Evaporative Cooling Installation Instructions- see P.8
Bonaire Whole-House Ducted Evaporative Air Cooling

* Depending of geographic location, unit position, room heat gain, and 2.4m ceiling height @ 25 air changes per hour.
** Based on 8 hours of running @ 16.8 cents per kW/h. 

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