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Enviro Friendly Far Infrared Heating Panels: Natural, Healthy, Luxurious Warmth For Your Family

Why Choose Far Infrared Heating Panels?

It's a good question. But first, here's a question for you!

Have you noticed something interesting about about heating and cooling? See where people set their thermostats to be comfortable in summer. It's probably around 18º C. Then see where they set their thermostats in winter. It's usually around 23º C. Why the difference?

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Why is it that we feel comfortable with an air temperature of 18º C in summer, but need another 5º or so in winter to feel warm? The answer is that air temperature is only part of what we experience as comfortable warmth.

The comfort we feel is also dependent on the heat of the bodies around us. The boffins call it mean radiant temperature. The EcoTect Community Wiki sums up mean radiant temperature this way...


"Even though not in direct contact with the body, hot or cold objects still greatly affect our perception of temperature. This is because they emit and absorb radiant energy which activates the same sensory organs as conducted or convected heat."


In summertime, the bodies around us are generally hot, so we need a lower air temperature to feel comfortable. In wintertime, the bodies around us are generally cold, so we need a hotter air temperature to fell warm. Stand next to a window on a cold day, and you'll know what we mean! As most of our heating systems are based on heating the air around us, we need to drive up the thermostat to reach a comfortable temperature. Now there's a better way.

Introducing Far Infrared Panel Heaters!

Far infra red heating panels use radiant heat- the same heat we enjoy from the Sun, or a fire. But with a big difference. Working in the far infrared, they gently heat the bodies in the room, not the air directly. The result? Natural, luxurious heat, with lower energy bills that come from lower thermostat settings.

Features of Far Infrared Panel Heaters:

natural- no noise

natural- no smell

natural- no reduction in humidity

healthy- no circulation of dust, allergens- great for allergy sufferers

healthy- no circulation of pathogens

healthy- no condensation or mould

comfortble- gentle, even heat

comfortable- no airflow to dry your eyes and skin

comfortable- precise thermostatic control

money-saving- no plumbing to instal

money-saving-no ductwork to instal

money-saving- no maintenance. No moving parts to wear out, be adjusted or serviced

money-saving- no filters to clean or replace

money-saving- lower thermostat settings needed

money-saving- programmable thermostat. Only turn on when necessary.

convenient- out-of-the-way celing mounting, or wall-mount if you prefer

convenient- ideal for cathedral ceiling/ split level home heating

convenient- heat one room, a number of rooms, the whole house...

Thermal comfort factors make Heat On far infrared panelheaters ideal for your home.



Enviro Friendly Far Infrared Heating Panels Specifications & Pricing

Ceiling Mount (Electrician Installation)
Model Watts Length Width Depth Weight Price*
900 mm.
600 mm.
17 mm.
3.8 kg.
$ 380.00
900 mm.
600 mm.
20 mm.
3.0 kg.
$ 470.35
1200 mm.
600 mm.
20 mm.
4.1 kg.
$ 517.75
1500 mm.
600 mm.
20 mm.
4.6 kg.
$ 565.25

Wall Mount (DIY Installation)
Model Watts Length Width Depth Weight Price*
900 mm.
600 mm.
25 mm.
5.8 kg.
$ 390.00
1200 mm.
600 mm.
25 mm.
7.4 kg.
$ 440.00

*Prices include GST. Delivery extra.

Plug-in Thermostat/Controller $ 34.00, Residential 7-day Programmable Controller $99 extra.

Background Briefing:

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Thermal Comfort: Wikipedia Article
Far Infrared Panel Case Study from 1994: See the Executive Summary


Far Infrared Heating panels can be supplied in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Brisbane, and in all regional and rural areas.

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