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"A Feed-in Tariff (FiT, FiL, Feed-in Law or solar premium[1]) is an incentive structure that boosts the adoption of renewable energy through government legislation. The regional or national electricity utilities are obligated to buy renewable electricity (electricity generated from renewable sources such as solar photovoltaics, wind power, biomass, and geothermal power) at above market rates."- Wikipedia definition of Feed-In Tariff

Feed In Tariffs offer one of the most useful ways of encouraging homeowners to instal photovoltaic solar panels on their homes.

Feed In Tariffs are a mechanism by which owners of grid- connect photovoltaic solar power systems are paid MORE than the retail price for any excess electricity production that is fed back into the grid.

Feed In Tariffs have been a huge success in Germany and Spain, and operate in over 40 jurisdictions around the world. See some examples of Feed In Tariffs around the globe

Feed-in tarrifs for solar pv systems have been closed in the ACT (Canberra), South Australia, NSW and Western Australia. Victoriaand Queensland. Here's the national state-of-play...

Status of Feed In Tariff
Max Size
ACT FIT Closed. Now 1:1 Buyback
10 kW
NSW Closed 5/11. No Statewide scheme replaces it
N.T. No proposal.
Qld. Reduces to 5kW 10/6/2011
5 kW
SA Reduce 10/11. Plus see below
10 kW
Tas. No FIT Scheme.
Vic. Closed. New Scheme starts Jan 1, 2012
5 kW
5 yrs.
WA Suspended 8/11

A lot of people are confused over conflicting opinions on whether income from a feed-in tariff in Australia is taxable income. The short answer is 'No'. We have been provided with an ATO Private Ruling on the subject. Rest easy!

ACT (Canberra) Feed-In Tariff:

Came into effect from March 1st. 2009. Closed July 2011. Replaced by a 1:1 Buyback Scheme for domestic systems up to 10kW.

NSW Feed-In Tariff:

The NSW Government has now closed the Feed In Tariff. A replacement scheme is still under discussion. Where available, a 1:1 system combined with rapidly-rising electricity prices make solar panels an excellent investment. visit our Sydney Photovoltaic systems page.

Buy Solar Panels in Sydney.

Northern Territory Feed-In Tariff:

There is no Northern Territory-wide feed-in tariff, but through the Alice Solar City project Alice Springs residents can access a gross feed-in tariff of 45c/kWh for 2kW max system (capped at $1825 per annum). More info at

Queensland Feed-In Tariff:

The Queensland Government's Climate Change Strategy 2007, introduced a 'Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme'.

South Australia Feed-In Tariff:

The South Australian Government has wound back it's Feed In Tariff which will now pay the consumer 16c. per. kW/hr. for excess electricty they feed back to the grid. From January 2012, they will also be eligible for a Minimum Retailer Payment on all excess electricity exported. This weill initially be apid at 7.1c/kWh, riising to 9.8c in July 2012 and 11.2c the following year.

Tasmania Feed-In Tariff:

The Tasmanian Government has no FIT scheme.

Victoria Feed-In Tariff:

The Victorian Government is winding up it's previous Premium Feed-In Tariff, and all paperwork needs to be completed by 30/9/2011. A new Transitional Feed-In Tariff will be introduced from January 1, 2012. It will run for 5 years, pay 25c for power exported to the grid, at a have a system size capped at 5kW. Details of the new FIT...

Western Australia Feed-In Tariff:

During the 2008 Election campaign, both tha Labor and Liberal Parties promised to introduce a Gross feed-in tariff. In June 2009, the new WA Liberal Government announced that it was reneging on this promise. WA then offered a Net Feed In Tariff from August 1st., 2010 In August 2011, they completely suspended the scheme.

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