Eco-Care Grey Waste Water Diverter Valve

Save money and precious water by irrigating your gardens and lawns with grey water from your laundry, baths and basins.

It's truly simple with the eco-Care greywater diverter valve from Enviro Friendly World.


Installation of your ecoCare greywater diverter valve

1. Cut 170mm of your 50mm waste pipe away.

2. Assemble Waste Water Diverter Valve as per diagram using solvent Cement and Primer.

3. Slide bottom coupling down waste pipe allowing top socket to be fixed

4. Bottom sliding coupling should be sealed to the existing pipe work with silicone and not solvent cement.


  • Do not use on sewerage and kitchen sink outlets.
  • Make sure the drainage hose has suitable fall to garden beds.
  • Grey water must be retained within your property.
  • We always recommend the use of a licensed plumber.
  • The use of domestic waste water may create risk to human health.
  • The suitability of household waste water re-use will relate to site specific circumstances.
  • Installation and use of this product is at owners risk.

NOTE: 50mm agricultural pipe sold separately.

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