Greywater diverter systems reuse grey water.Grey Water Reuse Systems in Australia:
Grey Water Diverters

The reuse of grey water (or greywater) has an enormous potential to reduce drinking water usage in places like Canberra in Australia, but can be difficult to put into practice.

It's now accepted in most of urban Australia that rainwater can be used for any purpose, including drinking and cooking. In many jurisdictions, you can supply your whole house from rain water.

It's accepted that blackwater- faeces and urine- needs to be sent to a treatment plant. It's wise to send waste water from the kitchen there, too.

Sustainable Gardening Australia's Tips for using grey water on your garden.

It's all that other 'grey water' that leaves the home with the sewage that offers the tantalising prospect of saving households tens of thousands of litres of drinking-quality water a year, if only we could use it. How much water is that?

According to Sydney Water, "Approximately 61 per cent of the total wastewater produced by an average household can be used as grey water. Kitchen wastewater is not usually included in this amount."

The table below, reproduced courtesy of Sydney Water, indicates the total amount of wastewater and grey water produced in your home. We have, in fact, removed 44 litres a day coming from the kitchen shown on the Sydney Water table. We believe that kitchen water should not be used as grey water for the garden, because of the fats and solids involved.

Wastewater source Total wastewater Total grey water
  % Total Litres/day % Total Litres/day
Toilet 32 186 - -
Hand basin 5 28 8 28
Bath/shower 33 193 54 193
Kitchen 7 44 - -
Laundry 23 135 38 135
Total 100 586 100 356

Why aren't there reasonably-priced, simple-to-instal grey water systems available to use this grey water? Now there are! Check out the Grey Water Reuse products below. But first...

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Grey water diverter systems such as the Gator Pro don't require approval for installation in Victoria, NSW, Queensland or the ACT. The Queensland Government has passed legislation permitting grey water systems from March 2006.

You'll also find also find a lot of helpful information on grey water systems at Grey Water Central. You'll learn why to use them, how to choose them, regulations, studies, and examples.

Now, let's have a look at some of the types of grey water systems available on the market that overcome or go around the problems. They vary in the water sources they use, and where they send it to.

Grey water diveerter valves.Grey Water Diverter Valves
Sources: Bathroom and/or Laundry

Available from most hardware and irrigation stores, these diverter valves are most commonly fitted underneath a laundry tub, to divert water from the washing machine to the garden.

No pump is involved, these grey water diverter valves rely on gravity to deliver the water. This lack of pressure limits the type of distribution system that can be used.

Grey Water Wheelie Bin
Sources: Bathroom (grey water) and downpipes (rainwater)
Uses: Garden (grey water); all outside uses (using rainwater)

Grey Water Wheelie Bins are a brilliant combination of standard components that allow you to capture grey water from your washing machine, to use on your garden.

As the frey water from your washing machine arrives into the wheelie bin, the pump is automatically activated, and pumps the frey water to your garden.

These units can also be used for you to capture rainwater from your downpipe(s), which you can use for a variety of purposes- garden, carwashing etc.

Grey Water Wheelie Bins are usually supplied with an inlet hose from your washing machine, and a long outlet hose for your garden- see illusatration at left.

Choosing a Grey Water Wheelie Bin means there is no plumbing installation cost. It's a very affordable way to save your garden this, and every summer.

Grey Water Gator Pro Diverter System
Sources: Bathroom and/or Laundry

Grey Water Gator Pro greywater diverter system.We've been recommending grey water diverter systems for over 6 years now- we've even made our own when there was no product available to do the job! We know what it takes to produce a good greywater system.

The Grey Water Gator Pro addresses all the major issues that have been associated with other grey water diverter system on the market to date, and does it at brilliant price. The simplicity of the design means higher reliability and less maintenance. The filtration system is simply the best available.

Grey Water Gator Maxi 100mm
WHOLE HOUSE- Bathrooms, Laundry

Greywater Maxi 100 mm. outlet model.Don't waste your precious greywater! The Grey Water Gator Maxi 100mm diverter system takes the waste water from your bathrooms and laundry, and uses it to keep your garden looking beautiful.

Not only does it keep your garden looking beautiful, but it cuts your water bills and, in many areas, your waste water bill.

Your garden, your wallet and the environment will all love you for installing a Grey Boss. It can fit into the ground, and the 100mm fittings mean you can connect all your sources of grey water.


You can instal a grey water system in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, and most Regional areas.

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